Web design

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Designing for mobile

Mobile and responsive websites are highly important now that smartphones are commonplace.

Mobile design is about making life easier for the user by changing the layout and optimising content for quicker load times.

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Designing for tablets
Tablet view can either be landscape or portrait. Portrait view requires more re-positioning of content to make sure that everything is readable and accessible to the user.

Tablet design requires consideration for how the user will scroll and swipe through elements instead of clicking a button.
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Designing for desktops
Desktop designs allow for more freedom with content, adding more space to give a website the full screen effect, or alternatively, restricted to a fixed width layout.
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I am a web designer with 18 years experience. I design using Photoshop and build using HTML, CSS, Jquery and Javascript.

I believe that it is important to understand a client's brand identity and transport that into a design whilst keeping usability at the forefront, as well as understanding the logistics of how a site will flow for a user, especially taking into consideration responsiveness due to the wide variety of devices available.

I also design and build email templates and create animated banners.

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